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94 Points for our Rosé – Sorry, it’s all gone.



When we decided to make a Rosé from our Chileno Valley vineyard we had no idea that the whole world was waiting for this wine. Because of this success, it sold out to restaurants and wine shops in a matter of weeks. However, if you’ve read this far, it’s because you’re an Easkoot fan and we secretly have a few bottles available (as of right now) on the online retail website.

Part of this wine’s success must be due to the fact that we actually harvested grapes to make a rosé, instead of using another wine’s bleed-off (also known by the French word for bleeding, saignée) that is a natural byproduct of red wine production.

Despite the lack of availability and certainly not to taunt those that would have liked to buy this wine, but because we want to send a bit of a shout-out to Douglas Wilder whose Purely Domestic Wine Report deserves all the readership it can garner, we wanted to quickly post the review of our Chileno Valley Rosé.

Rose Review

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