Foggy Bottom Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 2013


In the words of our winemaker Matt Duffy:

"The 2013 was a blend of all of the Easkoot vineyards — Chileno Valley, Stori, Roando, Desmond and Suacci. I don’t have my notes with me. I think the reason why it is so good is that there is a fair amount of Stori in there… Soils would be mostly gold ridge and what there is out at CVV. If I had to take a stab at the make up of the wine I would say:
30% Stori
30% Chileno Valley
30% Romando
8% Suacci
8% Desmond

I know that adds up to 106%. That’s why it’s so good."
A blend of Marin County and the Russian River Valley.

Matt Duffy

A lifelong resident of Northern California, it was an uncle (Uncle Bob) who taught Matt the difference between wine being something to appreciate and not just something to drink. Matt stresses that this is an important distinction in the land of Gallo, where they serve Mad Dog 20/20 and Boones Farm with the school lunches and all children start drinking early.

By his 20’s he was working at Twisted Oak Winery, both in the tasting room and in the cellar during crush.

At Vinify, where Easkoot is lured from grape to barrel to bottle, Matt quickly worked his way up from cellar rat to cellar master, overseeing hundreds of wines and watching different approaches and ideas play out in good and not-so-good ways. It’s a crash course in winemaking, but one that has left him with a unique skill set. But more importantly, Matt shares the Easkoot vision for a style of wine that we feel has been lost in California over the last few decades.

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  • Winemaker: Easkoot Cellars
  • Grower: Various
  • Region: California
  • Subregion: Sonoma Coast
  • Appelation: Sonoma Coast
  • Vineyard: Various

Foggy Bottom Pinot Noir 2011

Wine info

  • Vintage: 2014
  • Volume: 750 ml
  • Farming Standard: Sustainable
  • Grape: Pinot Noir
  • Alcohol: 13.5
  • Residual Sugar: 1.2
  • PH: 3.57
  • Harvest Date: Various
  • Clones: 667, 828, 777, 115 and Swan.
  • Fermentation: Spontaneous
  • Oak Treatment: Used Oak only
  • Production: 400 Cases