Cool climate Pinot Noir. Not easy to come by in California- and the results are different from what you might expect from the Golden State.

But Easkoot is just that: a Pinot Noir hailing from vines dug into the Petaluma Gap in the North Coast of West Marin. Ripening with the warmth of day one does expect from these sunny climes, the grapes are then cooled by the salty breezes from the Pacific, which lies a mere 6 miles to the west, and the vineyard gets tucked in by blankets of fog morning and night.

The result is an elegant wine which expresses lovely fruit while keeping its alcohol in check.

The name Easkoot is that of Alfred Derby Easkoot, Marin County’s first land surveyor. We took the name as our homage to the dirt from which our Pinot was born.

Both Easkoot the man and Easkoot the wine have a story to tell. Give us a listen.

Easkoot’s first release, the 2009 Marin County Pinot Noir, has been released and is now available for purchase for list subscribers.



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